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The standard recommendation from pediatric dentistry specialists is that all children should have their first dental visit early—very early. When the first tooth appears at about 6 months of age is good. The first dental appointment should happen at least by the time the child turns one.

You don’t want to wait until your child has a full set of teeth before you take them to the dentist for the first time. If there’s a problem, you will have missed the window for easier and earlier correction.

This first appointment typically doesn’t take long. At Comfort Dental KIDS, we will simply check that the teeth, oral cavity, and airways are developing as they should be. If a few teeth are in, we can also spot any early signs of decay and plaque build-up. In some cases, a cleaning or a fluoride treatment may be recommended.

To schedule your child’s first visit to the dentist, please complete the form below and a member of our team will contact you to set up an appointment. Schedule now and receive a FREE spin brush at your first appointment!


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Comfort Dental Kids is specialized in high quality and personable dental care for infants, children and teens. We consists of dental specialists who have years of experience treating the littlest smiles. Starting from infancy, our team is here to ensure that your child receives the best dental care as he/she grows. We work with each patient and parent to instill good oral care habits that lead to a lifetime of healthy smiles!

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