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Preventative care is the best way to head dental problems off early, but nevertheless, your child may end up needing corrective dental action for an issue. The following are some of the procedures we regularly perform at Comfort Dental KIDS.


A cavity, which is basically a hole in the tooth, can worsen if left untreated and lead to pain, infection, and even the loss of the tooth. At Comfort Dental KIDS, we fill cavities with durable, tooth-colored fillings that are inconspicuous and restore teeth to their healthy state. In certain cases, tooth-colored fillings won’t work, and instead we use “silver” fillings that are an amalgamation of various metals.


Sometimes, a primary tooth needs to be removed because of infection or to make room for a permanent tooth coming in behind it. During extractions, local anesthesia is often sufficient, but in certain cases, full sedation is necessary. Either way, extractions are typically straightforward, in-office procedures.


When there has been extensive decay in a molar or after a root canal, fillings can’t be used. Instead, we use stainless-steel crowns to cap and protect the tooth. These metal crowns are durable, and because they’re in the back of the mouth, they’re not very noticeable. For front teeth that need crowns, we use a composite material that mimics the look of tooth enamel. This material is preferred for front teeth because it looks better, but it’s not as durable as stainless steel, so children with them must use special care when biting on crunchy foods or ice.

Pulp Therapy

The pulp is the core of nerves, blood vessels, and tissue at the core of a tooth. In order to save an infected tooth, Comfort Dental KIDS can remove diseased pulp tissue. After that, the cleaned space is filled with a special material, and then the tooth is capped with a crown.

Space Maintenance

One of the functions of primary (baby) teeth is to save space for permanent teeth when they’re ready to emerge from the gums. If your child happens to lose a tooth early because of an injury or tooth decay, we can help save that space by inserting a special appliance. Without a space maintainer, the other teeth may shift into the opening which will likely cause orthodontic issues down the road.

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Comfort Dental Kids is specialized in high quality and personable dental care for infants, children and teens. We consists of dental specialists who have years of experience treating the littlest smiles. Starting from infancy, our team is here to ensure that your child receives the best dental care as he/she grows. We work with each patient and parent to instill good oral care habits that lead to a lifetime of healthy smiles!

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