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You Are What You Eat. Combating Hidden Sugar in Kid’s Food.

hiddensugarkidsfoodsIt’s true what they say… “you are what you eat.” When it comes to nutrition for your kids, what they put in those tummies not only affects their overall well-being, it affects their oral health too. More and more today foods are containing hidden sugar or more than the recommended amount.

Comfort Dental Kids wants to bring light to the hidden sugars in your children’s food. These sugars quickly add up and can lead to cavities and other oral health issues. We’re breaking some common items that contain more sugar than you think.

Hidden Sugar in Kid’s Breakfast

One of the quickest and easiest breakfast options for kids is cereal. They’re fun, colorful and tasty. However, some cereal contains more sugar than a candy bar! When choosing cereal for your kids, pick one that contains less than 5 grams of sugar or less per serving. You can choose a healthier cereal and mix it with one that is pre-sweetened.

Fruit bars also contain hidden sugar. Make sure to check the sugar content before adding it to your kiddos lunch or offering it up for a quick breakfast.

Hidden Sugar in Kid’s Lunches

A staple go-to for lunches is a PB&J sandwich. Kids love this classic combo and it’s an easy fix in your busy morning routine. However, the jam and peanut butter contains hidden sugars. Be sure to check the jam and peanut butter you are using before you pick it up at the store as even low-fat options can contain high amounts of sugar.

Yogurt is made of milk which already contains sugar thanks to lactose. Added flavors like chocolate or strawberry can increase the sugar content drastically. Try buying plain milk and adding sweetness by mixing in fruit like banana or berries.

Combating Hidden Sugar at Comfort Dental Kids

Comfort Dental Kids is here to help you make the right food choices for your kids, so they will make the right choices on their own down the road. Coming in for a check-up and cleaning every 6 months allows us to check for cavities and give your kid’s teeth a fluoride treatment.

Topical fluoride is a preventative agent applied to tooth enamel. It comes in several different forms. Dentists can paint the fluoride on with a brush or administer it with a tooth tray containing gel or foam. Children who benefit the most from fluoride are those at the highest risk for decay. Risk factors include a history of cavities, a high diet in sugar or carbs, orthodontic appliances and other factors.

Comfort Dental Kids will evaluate your children’s teeth, discuss your fluoride options and move forward with the proper treatment. Call Comfort Kids Dental today at 720-285-7972 or schedule your appointment online today.

We offer a dental exam, cleaning and X-rays for only $40! Schedule your appointment before school starts back up. We offer four convenient locations and have multiple time-slots available to work around your schedule.

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